Hunter Killer.

Okay, I must admit I half-dragged myself into watching this movie. The IMDB rate was far from fantastic and those one liner reviews sounds like it’s another brainless as-long-as-we-make-a-movie kind of action movie. But it was almost eight pm and I’ve got no better plans yet.

I wasn’t disappointed though. True the movie could have better if it did lose a little bit of fat here and there and tone up where it should. But overall I was enormously entertained! And what else can a girl ask on a dry friday night?

If you wanna be as happy as I am though, do lower your expectation. And if you happen to have even the slightest amount of knowledge of geopolitics, just freeze that part of your brain for two hours. I guarantee you’ll have a blast.

Gerard Butler is his usual self. Brave, tough, cold, but sweet on the inside. And no body knows that of course, but you and everyone else on the theatre. Pair that with big ass submarine, a pack of disbelieving subordinates and missiles coming every other fifteen minutes and you get that excitement eventually. You”ll get there trust me.

I love how the movie kept me at the edge of my seat with quick pacing gun shot scenes and do-or-die moments with torpedos and missiles.

But the CGI though. Could have been done better.


These lovely shells…


… are silk cocoons.

They used to house silkworms and when they become butterfly they leave them behind. I’ve been a fan of these little magical exfoliators for ages and I usually stock them in few dozens at once. And now I want to share them with you.

If you’re also a big fan of all sorts of natural beauty hack like me, coming across them was a like a dream come true. It is said that in the older days, Chinese princesses use them as a beauty secret, to keep their skin youthful. I’ve also hear stories about women in their fifties looking like thirties because they exfoliate everyday using them.

Regardless whether these stories are true or not, silk cocoons are a blast to use. (When someone uses the word ‘blast’ to describe exfoliating, you’d probably have an idea how exciting their lives is.)

Anyway, what I did was, I soaked them in hot water for about 5-10 minutes and rub them gently in circular motion on my face while they’re still warm. When they grew cold, I’d dip them again and repeat the process. Supposedly they are great for areas with fine lines, such as around the eyes and lips.

I kept repeating them until I’m satisfied and I normally use two or three cocoons at a time to just save time. Here’s how the water look like afterwards:


I like to think my dead skin cells are the ones responsible for making the water cloudy. And I think that’s the case. Because I did tried to soak and grind them in water and the water stays clear. So case closed.

Silk cocoons are said to have these proteins called sericin which is great to help skin create protective barriers. What’s even more fantastic, silk cocoon imparts collagen into your skin as you rub them on, making it dewy and plump. I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but the redness around my nostrils seems to fade when I use them regularly. My skin looks fresher and better.

Do give them a try. You can find them anywhere online and stock a bit more than you think you need.

Much love,


Crumbles of Glee.

Being a working mom doesn’t leave much spare time for me to meet my friends as often as I wanted. But today, I finally had the chance to meet a few fashion designer friends I haven’t met for years.

One of them suggest to meet at Crumble Crew, Senopati.

Oh boy do I have so much love for this place!

I fell in love with the place the minute I walk into the space. It was comfy, edgy and hip at the same time. You get one of those vibe you get when you walk into a trendy place. (It pained me to use the word trendy as it implies temporary hipness and I truly hope it’s not the case with Crumble Crew.)

And the food. Mmhh… the food. From deliciously sinful to downright healthy, Crumble Crew doesn’t rob us from our right to eat junk. Yet it offers a healthier choice too. I wanted to scream in excitement when I saw decadent meatball soup kitchen next to a pittaya bowl shop. If no one was watching I’d probably be jumping around dancing already.

There are about 8 different restaurant under one roof and one of them offers, wait for it…Balinese food! Oh my gosh. The complete set of Balinese mixed rice with satay, sambal and all. If that place is a person I’d have hugged it already and thanked it for just being. :p

After going back and forth almost succumbing to my earthly desires to order everything (and I mean everything), I decided to try the well reviewed meat ball soup and maverick pittaya bowl. And I couldn’t be happier.

Well actually I could, if I have enough space in my tummy for that gaudy Balinese food. Darn it.

The Impeccable ‘Murder on the Orient Express.’

This post is still on progress. 🙂 Apologies while we redress.


I believe the first five minutes of a movie tells a lot about the quality of the whole motion picture. A movie well executed would always grip you in the first few minutes, and it rarely relies on explosion or violence.

Few minutes into Murder On The Orient Express, I was instantly drawn into the peculiar yet beautiful world of Hercule Poirot and his eccentric ways. The colors were so beautifully arranged, you could almost feel like being there, witnessing the whole charade while sipping on frothy arabian coffee with a hint of cinnamon in your mouth.

I particularly loved the way Hercule Poirot eccentricness was shown in the very beginning. Subtle yet adorably annoying. Prepping us for more of his irresistible feat, simply letting you know that he isn’t your regular sort of detective. After all, none of the famous ones were.

Though I do feel that Hercule Poirot’s mustache was a little bit overboard, adding a touch of unnecessary comic into the well orchestrated mature ambience. Had it been smaller and less polished, it would have been complimenting instead of standing out.

I admit the photo above didn’t do the slightest justice to the old school opulence of Orient Express. Thankfully, the movie itself is a luxury to watch.

Originally published on 1st January 1934, this detective novel by Agatha Chri